Do something today that your future self will thank you for

We all have a personal lifestory. It’s built from experiences from the past. They make us who we are today.

Every day we encounter new experiences. Sometimes they are pleasant. Sometimes they are challenging or even real plottwists.

Dealing with a situation, with our experiences or with our past is not always easy. A positive mindset can help us cope. It may take some effort and practice though, to gain this positive mindset and to use it as a guiding tool in your daily life.
Coming on a Nefelibata Journey might be the first step.

Let me take you on a Journey!

What’s in a Nefelibata Journey?

Nefelibata Journeys are activities inspired by the road I walked (and still walk) towards personal growth and inner balance.

In every Journey there is some kind of personal experience or a passion that I want to pass onto anyone who is open to it.

Every Journey is marked to benefit personal well-being, to help you grow as an individual or in your business.

These self care activities also contribute to helping you find and/or keep in mind your ‘Why’ and to help you draw your future path.

‘Grow Your Dream’ Journeys

Personal growth Journey

Business growth Journey

Partner Journeys

25/07 – Workshop
Reduce stress & increase resilience in your daily life

01/08 – Workshop Pranayama,
the wisdom of the breath

Book your personal yoga teacher
for a private outdoor yoga session

Experience Braga & Bom Jesus

A walk to Bom Jesus using all your senses

Experience a Magnificent Sunset at Bom Jesus

Experience the Magic of Bom Jesus
with all your senses